What We Pick Up And Deliver

We can help ensure employees at all your locations receive their paychecks on time.

Your resources are better spent that making repeated trips to the post office.

We are on call to handle your crucial interoffice correspondence and document transport to one or more locations.

Medical supplies
Your office can’t function without needed supplies and equipment.

Laboratory specimens
Don’t prolong the wait on import results your patients need.

Office supplies
Your office staff have better things to do than pick up printer ink.

Transcription tapes
Physicians need those notes today; we get them there.

Evidence for legal cases
We secure your most important evidence and documents and have them there on time.

Auto parts
Don’t keep an employee on the clock for what might need delivering; let us make these parts runs for you at much less cost.

We've delivered such things as ceramic tile to a home construction site; awards to a military ceremony; food to special events; Regardless of the package, if it needs to get there now, we can take it.

Wiregrass Courier provides immediate and rushes delivery as well as scheduled and on-call delivery and pick-up services. We offer warehouse storage services and do freight forwarding.

Benefits of Contract Delivery

  • Immediate response and resolution. Eliminate the need for additional employees.
  • Eliminate the expense of additional vehicles, including fuel costs, insurance, repair and maintenance, and accident expenses.
  • Avoid the inconvenience and hassle of employee absences.
  • Eliminate overtime.
  • Cut your liability by contracting.
  • Increase your company profits by concentrating on your core business. Let our personable, professional, reliable staff handle the daily delivery and pick-up tasks so your greatest resource, your people, can be better utilized to grow your business.
Wiregrass Courier