Mission Statement

The management and employees of Wiregrass Courier LLC are committed to providing the best service available. We offer point-to-point courier service on a continuous basis. Wiregrass Courier LLC and its employees prioritize safety. They strive to provide fast and courteous service to the community.

Why Do You Need a Courier Service?

Businesses have changed significantly over the years. One glance at today’s automated agencies affirms this point. The amount of data and it’s critical movement has created a great need for transportation solutions. Let us run your errands for you! Our service can save you both time and money thus allowing you and your employees the opportunity to attend to the more important details of your own business! Let us show you how!

Wiregrass Courier, LLC

Your Same Day Delivery Solution covering a 300 mile radius of Dothan, Alabama

Wiregrass Courier LLC has enjoyed tremendous growth since it’s modest beginning in 2000 and continues to grow without sacrificing the personal relationships with our customers that have made our business successful. We are locally veteran-owned and operated. Our couriers serve the entire southeastern quadrant.

The Wiregrass Courier LLC staff consists of dedicated, professionally trained uniformed couriers who are committed to bring you high standards of excellence and satisfying the needs of today’s highly-competitive business market.

Wiregrass Courier LLC is based out of Dothan, Alabama with additional operations in Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile and Tallahassee. Our customers are extremely diverse and represent a variety of industries. We will be glad to furnish refrences upon request. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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Debbie Dobbs
Controller, PR Companies

“As the controller for the PR Companies (Personnel Resources, Premployer and Preferred Risk Services) I know how important it is to have a dependable service to deliver our payrolls. For us, Wiregrass Courier Service is the best. We process and deliver paperwork to hundreds of clients weekly and we depend on Wiregrass Courier Service to handle the majority of this. Given a choice, our clients prefer this service over some of the national services. I highly recommend Wiregrass Courier Service to anyone who needs a prompt, dependable courier service.”

Javarus D. Smith
Logistics Supervisor

“Wiregrass and their couriers are very fast and efficient in completing their work for me. On top of that, they work really hard to solve any logistics problems I might have, and work proactively with me to ensure that my clients are happy.”

Judy Gobble
Distribution Supervisor

“To anyone interested in services of Wiregrass Couriers, I work for a medical reference laboratory and have used Wiregrass Courier Services for routine, unscheduled and stat services for many years. They have always been very receptive to any input, promptly addressed any concerns, and continuously train their staff in the ever changing and very specific protocols needed in this type of work. ”

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